Sample Submission

If you are a new customer with ACG, please contact us before submitting samples for analysis and we can provide you our mailing address and a point of contact. This will ensure safe arrival of your samples and allows us to notify you if they do not arrive when expected.

Because we are a nuclear facility, we must have advance notification of all shipments arriving at our facility. Packages arriving unannounced run the risk of being returned to sender.

When shipping samples, please keep the following in mind:

  • It is useful to include a printed sample manifest with your samples.
  • All samples should be clearly marked with unique identification numbers which can be cross-referenced against your sample manifest.
  • Samples should be shipped in leak-proof containers or vessels to avoid sample cross-contamination during shipping. If you have questions about the best way to package your samples, please contact us prior to shipping.
  • Temperature sensitive materials should be shipped on blue-ice packs or dry ice in a boxed, Styrofoam containers designed for shipping. We are happy to provide advice on the best way to ensure the safe arrival of your materials.

For existing ACG customers, please feel free to complete the shipping information form below, or email your ACG point of contact directly.


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